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    can you please explain me what happen if I double click the stats? The stats get a yellow color and do I see the session stats than? In hm I used it to view all hands that I played vs a special opponent.
    I filter my stats for the amount of players on the table. For example if I play a HU in a FR SNG I see a different hud and just the stats that we have played HU. If I double click I see all the stats we have played. This was always with hm2 the case but with hm I just see the same stats after double clicking.



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    Those are 'Session' stats, like they were in HM2.

    In HM3:

    - Double Left-Click on a HUD to switch from Lifetime to Session stats or back.
    - You can also right click to toggle session stats on/off, or reset all to session stats, as long as the HUD is 'Locked' under the Table HUD menu options.
    - You can left-click a winners name to open the hand viewer, and the Table 'HUD' icon has 2 parts: the left portion has options for tagging hands for later review, etc.

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    thank you

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