Personal Stats Resetting on Americas Cardroom
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    Default Personal Stats Resetting on Americas Cardroom

    Almost every cash game session, my personal HUD stats reset randomly and without any sort of pattern on ACR. I would understand if I were playing an MTT and it happened on a table change, but this is really frustrating.

    Is this a known issue?

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    Did you edit any of the HUD - HUD Options? *Those settings can drastically change what the HUD shows at the table. *Do your HUD Options - Filters appear the same as the default ones in the linked image here - ? If not, change them so they do.

    If that doesn't fix the issues, please reproduce the problem and attach a screenshot - - showing the HUD, the Report for one of the selected players with the problems, and pictures of the HUD Options Filters and attach your \HM3logs files as explained in this FAQ -*

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