ICM Flop Push Help from HM3?
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    Default ICM Flop Push Help from HM3?

    I've been looking at a hand I played recently in SNG where I pushed on the flop.

    I've been trying to understand if it was a good push or not. So far I've used a combination of PokerStove and ICM calculator to decide its not.

    I'm wondering if HM3 works this out for me?

    I can see ICM EV diff but I think that just tells me the difference between my equity in the hand and what I won.

    I think SNG Wizard would do it but that just seems to be preflop.

    Can either tool help?

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    I do not believe either HM3/SNGW can do what you want for postflop tournament play from what I understand talking to our testers that play these games. I did a little google searching which seemed to confirm what they said - https://www.runitonce.com/mtt/icm-in-post-flop-spots/

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    Thanks for checking.

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