Is it possible to create notes for a specific database?
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    Default Is it possible to create notes for a specific database?

    Hey, there!
    Since I have a very large database and a slow PC, I would like to know if I can start to import hands to a new database and only create notes for that database. All this because I created some new definitions for which I want to create notes for and also because it seems that some notecaddy stats are missing for some players.
    What do you believe is the best procedure in this case?

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    Notes are created only for the database you currently have open, so yes, you can create a new database with less hands and notes will only be created for that database. If some NC stats/notes are missing, that might be caused by the 'Show results for implicit strength/weakness in notes for appropriate variables' option, which is currently causing problems. You can find it under File / Settings / Note Settings, disable it and then recreate the notes.

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