NC Beta HM3: Taking notes seems very slow?
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    Default NC Beta HM3: Taking notes seems very slow?

    Hello there,

    I am running NC on HM3 and it takes Notes on ~1.2 h per second. Is there any way that I can increase the speed?
    I have 4 threads open and don't run anything on the side. But with at least 2 million hands this will take like 2 weeks to process..


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    Please reproduce the problem and click the 'Send Feedback' button from the left sidebar menu (or from the 'Help' menu at the top), or choose 'Yes' if prompted to submit an error report, and send your logs and config files with a detailed step by step description of the problem that we can use to try and reproduce the problem. After sending the logs/details you can open the ticket in our support center and attach any screenshots or other files to the same ticket for us. Here is a direct link to your My Tickets page.

    If you are unable to send the logs via the automated system for any reason you can collect and send the logs manually.

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