Looking for "RFI by position" in my HUD
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    Default Looking for "RFI by position" in my HUD

    Hello hello,

    First of all I am sorry for my english, I am french and dont speak english very well.

    So, I have HM3 for 2 weeks (this is my first tracker) and i would like to have the stats of RFI by position in my HUD.
    As we can see it on this picture there is a stat "RFI" Capture.PNG but there are not stats like "RFI from UTG", "RFI from cutoff", "RFI from button", "RFI from SB".

    Is it possible to have theses stats ?

    Thank you in advance for your help

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    After adding stat you can choose position in 'Item Properties'
    Annotation 2020-01-16 193352.jpg

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    HM3 does not have positional versions of every stat like HM2 did, as many customers felt it cluttered up the stats list.* Instead we have the HUD - HUD Editor - Item Properties - Position modifier as shown in this screenshot -

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    THANK YOU very much !

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