HM3 NoteCaddy Beta bugs
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    Default HM3 NoteCaddy Beta bugs

    I've found some bugs in HM3 NoteCaddy Beta (HM, NoteCaddy, Win10 x64).
    I created database with 500k hands and noticed following problems:
    1) after manual importing hands to a new database notes creation procces doesn't start automatically. I need to start it manually
    2) Notes creation process goes to about 25% and then finishes with the message that all the hands are processed (progress jumps to 100% but all notes are not created).I've tried it several times and it stops at the same moment
    3) new NoteCaddy seems not to be using all the cpu threads, please check attached screens of HM2 and HM3 notes creating with the same base and conditions (also checked it several times).
    T457759-HM2 notecaddy creating!.jpg
    T457759-HM3 notecaddy creating!.jpg

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    After update to v. these problems seem to be fixed

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