Early beta access to Notecaddy for HM3 is now available to all HM3 and Notecaddy (For HM2) license owners (Both licenses are required)

If you would like to get access to the Notecaddy for HM3, please contact us on support@holdemmanager.com with a subject "Beta NC for HM3".

What can you expect:
- Ability to import existing Notecaddy coaching packages and the notes definitions
- Ability to convert HM2 HUDs to HM3 HUDs
- Notecaddy notes created for manually and autoimport handhistories in your HM3 databases

Some features have changed since HM2 because of a different HUD design. In the HUD Editor, you can now add specific Notecaddy elements such as:
Player Overview, Badges, Graphs (Scatter Graph, Heatmaps and Spark Graphs), Notes, Note groups and Stats.

Additional FAQs and Help documentation will be available in the upcoming days, please let us know what features would you like to see documented first.

Possible Issues:
- Because of a number of different sites and game types that we support, issues related to a specific site or gametype are possible. We need your help to detect and resolve such issues. Please submit handhistories if you run into issues related to a specific poker site or a game type.