Cbet Situational view and Oberall report
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    Default Cbet Situational view and Oberall report

    Hi, I am nor sure i am doing something wrong, but at the Situational Cbet situational view, I get the following number of hands and report.:
    Cbet situational.JPG

    First, what are the numbers of the last row? For eg, 6312 is not the sum of all hand, as the right number is 18,936.

    And when I run the report at the overall tab with the same date with the following filters:
    I got diffwerent number of hands

    What is the difference?

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    If you run the filter:

    in the overall report you should get your 6312 number. That is the number of CBets you actually made in total, that your success rate is a percentage of/from.

    If you divide 2523/6312 (successful cbets / total cbets made) you get 36.97% which should be your success rate you see in that Sit View?

    I tested this with a 50k sample and got 578/1194 or 48.408% according to a calculator, which is what I see in the Sit View for my overall success percentage in the top left tile of the view.

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