Disappearing Hand Histories
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    Default Disappearing Hand Histories

    On two occasions I have had all of my PokerStars (PA) Hand History (HH) and Tournament Summary (TS) files disappear. At first I was saving them to a OneDrive directory so I could use them on multiple computers. After a search, they turned up in the Recycle Bin on the OneDrive. After that I changed the directory to one on the local machine. After playing two nights ago, they completely disappeared again. Every single file!! WTF!! Can anyone give me suggestions on what might have happened? Is this a HUD software issue or a Pokerstars issue. I also have Poker CoPilot installed. Does HUD software ever delete files? If not then what happened? Looking for any help. Thanks, Keith

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    We do not recommend storing on one drive or any other networked drive.

    After playing, your hands should be moved to c:\hm3archive for performance reasons.
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    You should let your poker clients save hands to the default locations so HM3 can auto import them with the least setup trouble for you. You can then have HM3 archive them wherever you choose, even a cloud hosting system, you just need to be very particular about which sub-folder of your system and the cloud folder system they get archived to. Here is an example of how mine is configured:

    Note: Please do not create your HM3 Database in a sub-folder of any cloud file hosting service (Dropbox, OneDrive, Google Drive, etc) as it can cause database corruptions because it will constantly be syncing the database to the cloud while you are playing/importing.* You can configure HM3 to archive any auto imported hand history files to a cloud file hosting service folder if you choose to as that will not affect the SQLite database in any way, and you can obviously store any HM3 database backup files you create in a cloud folder instead of the default path HM3 suggests when backing up databases.

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