How i run in preflop allins vs specific player
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    Default How i run in preflop allins vs specific player

    Hello! Could someone here tell me what settings in the XM filters you need to set to see chip ev $ against a specific player in preflop allins.
    Russian support can't help or mb too lazy to try - ( you could google translate )

    So, if we use "Basic filters - vs Player" with added "Advanced filters - Allin preflop = True" , In this case, the allins are shown not only against the player that interests us, but also against others, if he was just at the table with us. The same situation with "Races" report.

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    Hello Enzo,

    We dont have an exact filter that would achieve this. You could try using a combination of filters and hand markings.

    Select the opponent for who you want to see all-ins and apply a filter for allin preflop. Mark all hands with a new hand mark, like "Player X Allin".

    Select your hero player again, and apply filter like you tried before (Vs Player + Allin Preflop) in Hand Markings report. You should see results where opponent and you went allin in the line "Player X Allin".

    Let me know if this helped.

    Kind regards

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