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    Is there support for MicroGaming? I'm having trouble getting the HUD to work there. It's like hit and miss whether it works or not.

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    HM3 will only work on tournament tables at microgaming, but only if your particular site still writes gamehistory.dat files for the hands. Some of the MPN skins recently stopped writing hands completely in the new 'Prima' software - https://support.holdemmanager.com/su...16/Microgaming - please read all the limitations there.

    Microgaming sites that still write hand history files no longer provide full hand histories in cash games* when you have not contributed to the pot so we no longer support Microgaming cash games - http://www.mpn.poker/blog/closing-a-few-loopholes/

    Tournaments are still supported so if you play those you can find the hand history file for Microgaming here:

    C:\Microgaming\Poker\{Site Name}\GameHistory.dat

    Also please note that if you are using the new Microgaming software then as far as I am aware that version does not save hand histories at all so there is nothing for us to import from but using the previous client should allow you to save your tournament hands locally until the new client is compulsory - https://mpn.poker/prima-download-links/

    *These hands can now be manually downloaded 24+ hours after the session from the Microgaming software, and those hands should manually import to HM3.
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