Hero HUD stats not updating in ACR tournaments
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    Default Hero HUD stats not updating in ACR tournaments

    - hero hud remains at 0 hands, does not update, but does show up
    - other players seem to be updating fine
    - auto import folders are configured correctly, as other players stats are udpdating
    - no errors in import details. importing from correct table
    - hide hero hud is not checked

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    It sounds like you are dealing with the UTC Midnight bug in our previous beta where the HUD won't update if your site's server/hand time is after UTC Midnight while you are playing in your local time that is pre-midnight.

    This issue has been documented in detail and provided to the developers to resolve and is already resolved in our internal alpha builds. These changes should be available in the next gold beta release. While we do not have an exact date for the release, you will receive a prompt to update once available as long as you have enabled the Tools - Settings - General - [x] 'Check for Updates' and [x] 'Prompt for beta updates' options.

    If you want me to try and send you it for alpha testing ahead of the beta release please create a support ticket with a link to this thread and your forum username. Title the subject line: 'Attn Fozzy: Alpha HUD Timeout Build needed' and I will send you a download link once it is ready.

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