Good day. Faced with incorrect calculations Note Caddy. I wanted to create the definition "% wsd after bet river"
To do this, I created 2 definitions (wonatsd and wonatsd%), screenshots in the attachment (12-14) in both of these definitions are bet on the note recepient river. After that he created a compositedefinition (screen shot 13). For example, if you take the player fred2512 (screenshot 14), then xm2 finds 7 spots on him where he put the river and was showdanoon, he won at 6. Total I want to see the value of 85.7%. But the composite definition test shows 200, and only 2 such spots, but he won 4 such spots (screenshot 15)
Moreover, if we manually check each definition, we will see that the analysis shows that there were 8 such spots (6 wins, 2 defeats. I donít know where he got 2 pots with defeat from).
And the stat number of victories shows 6 won cells.
Those. the correct value should be: 85.7%
The value that notecaddy should have calculated based on 2 stats is 75%
But in the end he shows 200%
And the values ​​are erroneous for many players, but how correctly the stat value is less than real.