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    A,B & C are all reg profiles in my colour coding, but only apply to those players with over the min sample 100 hands.
    I want 'D' (which shares characteristics with A,B & C) to be attached to any player who falls into the range, but has <100 hands.

    Can a priority rating do this? and what priority do I need to set? It takes a long time & when i set A,B & C to 1, then D to 4, I still get so much 'D' data I'm sure it's picking up players over 100 hands.

    The alias I get has 35,000,000 hands and I only have 130,000 player in the DB, so even if all D had 100 hands exactly, the alias should only have 13,000,000 hands.

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    I don't think you need priority for this. As long as you're filtering for < 100 hands and the others are for > 100, then this is already mutually exclusive so you wouldn't have the problem where, for example, D and B apply but D overwrites B where the expected behavior was the other way around.
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