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1. A fresh installation of windows helped a little, but when I add more custom notecaddy notes the popups start to take longer and longer to load again. I only "refreshed" windows and did not "reset" it (https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/...4-c2c1fbceb8dd). Do you think a complete reset could help.
It could possibly help but it is hard to say for sure how much it might help since it sounds like Notecaddy may be the problem and not Windows. Did you try all the other steps we suggested above when you first posted about your HUD issues?

If you continue to have problems: Please reproduce and screenshot the error then collect, zip and attach your \Desktop\HM3logs files, along with the screenshots and details of what steps preceded the error to a support ticket - https://support.holdemmanager.com/su...les-to-support

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2. Would it help if I further reduce my DB from 250k hands to maybe 50k or 100k?
Yes, that was one of the things suggested in response to your first post you made in this thread about the performance issues:

- Try to remove positional stats directly in the hud (stats using position item property in the Hud Editor)
- Try to reduce number of stats in the HUD
- Try to disable session stats in tooltips (HM3 - HUD - HUD Options)
- Try to set max number of hands limit lower in HUD Options
- Try to reduce the number of hands in the database (new database and import only a small portion of the hands)

- For popup loading speeds: reduce number of popups and complexity of the popups

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3. As I play mostly zoom atm I wouldnt mind if the hud and all stats werent updating all the time (so basically no import of new hands whily playing but just for example when I take break). Could this improve performance and if yes is there a way to do this?
I have no way to know if that might help as there is no way to make HM3 do that other than to turn off the auto importer which will turn off the HUD as well.