Move from drive C: to drive D:
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    Default Move from drive C: to drive D:

    Hi there.

    I've got a pretty big database and would like to move from one disk to another. I've tried to find for a thread where it is already explained but I was 100% sure as they were from 2 years ago etc.

    Hopefully, there's a recent one and you can pass me the link or perhaps explain how I can do it without losing anything?

    I've got the latest version of HM2. Thank you.

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    We have a FAQ explaining how to do it, it is much older than 2 years but should still work AFAIK.

    Please see this FAQ to move your database to another drive. Please note this is an advanced article and we do not provide support for this method if you encounter issues but at the request of users we decided to make a FAQ for those who felt confident enough to try this method.

    Note: If your C drive is an SSD and your D drive is an HDD, it could cause a performance degradation as well in terms of import, filtering, hud updating, etc.

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