How to make my HUD profile display at the table
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    Default How to make my HUD profile display at the table

    hey i havethe new HM3... no matter what HUD i choose (for cash or for MTT) i hit apply and ok and nothing ever happens.. its always still the same..i even made my own and tried to save and apply but nothibng?

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    I moved your post to it's own thread as it had nothing to do with the other user's thread you posted it in.

    The HUD Editor is for creating and editing HUD Profiles. To assign profiles to specific sites and game types you have to do that at the table or in the HUD Options.

    If you (1) left-click the Table 'HUD' panel you can (2) choose the HUD you want to use then (3) open the menu again as shown in the attached image to set it as the default profile for that table type -

    You will need to do the same for each site you play. These HUD settings are saved and can be managed/created in the HUD - HUD Options: 'Profile Select' menu -

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