Massive improvement for the HUD Editor
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    Default Massive improvement for the HUD Editor

    I've been experimenting quite a bit with the HUD editor to fully customize my HUD.
    I love several new features but it still lacks many important statistics, while having A LOT of pretty much useless ones (in my opinion).
    I will not mention every one of them. The "overall stat" is almost always there, but many statistics don't have the option to be filtered by SRP/3BP+ and/or IP/OOP (for example, I feel like all the "BetSize" stats section is pretty much useless and even deceiving without this filters), by "VS position", by HU/MW pot.

    The upgrade that I love the most and find by far most useful is the possibility to filter every single stat by position by using the Item Properties Tab.
    It would be absolutely fantastic if we also had the possibility to filter every stat in the same way by VS posision, HU/Multiway, SRP/3BP+, IP/OOP.
    We can already find IP/OOP, SRP/3BP and street variables for most (but not all) stats, while VS position and HUP/MWP are super rare and equally important in my opinion.

    I feel like even one single filter would be a MASSIVE improvement over what we have right now and I would be happy to have any of those - expecially VS position and HU/Multiway.
    Having all four will not only make the built-in HUD editor almost perfect in efficiency, it would also trim down and clear the stats list which to be honest is a mess and very hard to navigate (although the position filter alone made it a lot better than before, which kind of prove my point).

    Do you think it's possible?


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    We are considering that and have recently asked our users about it in a survey for what feature they would like to see next.

    It wasn't the most popular option but I think it finished in 2nd place. There is no short term ETA for it but we are keeping an eye on it to add more options at some point. And, if any user has any comments about missing stats we'd be happy to add those until we update hud editor with more stat options. Feel free to start a new thread if you have specific stat requests you want us to consider.

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