How well does it work?
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    Default How well does it work?

    Notecaddy users,

    Is the note taking automated? Do i have to set up the notes based on actions or does it do that automatically?
    Does it currently work on ACR?

    Will it work on Betonline if I have the Betonline card catcher?

    Will it automatically go through all my hand history's and create notes on the players?

    Thank you for your time!

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    NC didn't work on WPN for an inexcusably long time but this version should be working well now. As far as card catchers, etc, if they are converting to a known format then it probably would work. For hm3, NC is mostly working for any hm3 supported site. In some cases you can't see data from within NC itself (zb tools->player notes) but from the HUD there should be NC data for any site if there are hands and NC is running etc.
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