Im having a problem with hm2,it is that when I'm playing a session the hm2 starts freezing the pokerstars tables so I can't play in any table for a lapse of 7 seconds to 60 seconds (Im usually playing around 20 tables), the issue goes progressively, when I'm starting the session it doesn't happen at all, the freezing starts when I'm about 1-3 hours in a session and after that it becomes more and more frequent so that it happens almost every 10 minutes. I used to have the same problem when I used a HDD for all my poker applications and PC system (windows 8.1 with hm2 + TN2+ Pokerstars) but it solved when I changed for a SSD (and reinstalled everything ofc). I changed my HDD for a SSD around 2 years ago and now I'm having almost the same Issue. Any help would be appreciated, Thanks.