Bug with HM2 window
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    Default Bug with HM2 window


    I got a problem with the window of HM2, in the right up corner of the sofware I don't have the "reduce, close" features as every other sofwares (please see picture for more details).

    As anyone already got this problem? How to solve this as I already tried to reinstal but it doesn't work better.


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    This is a known issue:

    HM-8983: Windows 10 update version 1809 causes min/max/close buttons to be invisible

    The buttons are there and can be clicked if you hover over there slowly, this is a graphics driver bug from what we can tell, and not something we can fix on the HM2 side as it actually affects other software for me such as the Windows Movies & TV app. The only workaround we have found for those using multiple monitors is to change your #1 primary monitor position in the Windows Display Settings menu. I had to switch my number #1 monitor from left to right on my desktop and all was good. I have the same issue on my laptop when connected to a secondary monitor but I haven't tried/bothered switching it on that setup since the buttons do in fact work.

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