Reduce Size of HUD Stats
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    Default Reduce Size of HUD Stats

    I'm having difficulties finding where I can reduce the size of the HUD stats as they are overlapping and hiding too much on the table...

    Thank you

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    If you notice that the text seems large and is overlapping buttons and the UI in places, or the HUD is shifted to the left and above the table slightly, it is probably your DPI settings

    Just change your DPI Scaling to 125 or 96/Normal - Please see this FAQ -

    HUD Settings > General Settings > HUD Font > 'Scale Font' and turn it on or off based on your preference or click the 'Font' button if you want to increase/decrease the size of all text for the HUD selected in the upper left preview drop-down menu. You can also edit HUD fonts on a stat by stat basis, instead of globally, under the HUD Settings - Stat Appearance menu.
    Regards udbrky (Chris)

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