Help My Player alias seems to be frozen
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    Default Help My Player alias seems to be frozen

    I was in hand replayer and when i tried to write a note on a specific hand, it froze

    I restarted and now i cannot find or load my specific alias, it cannot find it even when i use Find Player

    In active sessions I can see hands that i was last looking at

    HELP! It seems to have lost my alias but on other players i have played with in the past few days it shows it has 20K hands on me.

    Is there a folder i can clear so the database will recognise me again

    I dont want to have to manually import 300K hands again!

    Ty in advance
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    I replied to your duplicate post on the 2+2 forums -

    Please try not to post the same question in multiple support channels/tickets to get a faster reply. This causes us to have to respond twice and we usually have different people working different support channels so we end up spending twice the time necessary to help you which delays replies to other customers.

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    Sorry Fozzy,

    Was not my intention - didn't realise it was same support team

    Thanks for your quick answer, think got it sorted, i manually imported a few hands from earlier in the month and it seems to have put this years all back in thankfully and allowed me to pick hero again


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