Bodog HUD not working
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    Default Bodog HUD not working

    Bodog HUD not working, Card Catcher is importing the hands but the table cannot be detected. How to solve this?

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    We can not provide technical help for unsupported sites/networks as we do not design our software to work there or test there with all of the third party tools. If you have any problems with HM2/3 using third party tools, to use our software with unsupported sites, all support will need to be handled by the third party software support team.

    All I can suggest is the basics: make sure the auto import folder and site time adjustment are properly configured. If that doesn't help you will have to contact the support staff for your card catcher software.

    Make sure your site is configured to save hands and that HM2 is setup to auto import those hands.

    *Note that we do not support play money hands so you must test/play real money hands when using HM2.

    Make sure the poker client and hand histories are both in English. If it is not, you need to change it in the Lobby Options or reinstall the software and choose English.

    Make sure that the Site Time Adjustment is properly configured such that the Time Stamp in the Reports for the hand matches your local windows clock time.

    Please see this FAQ on how to use table finder if you are playing regular non-zoom type tables.

    If you continue to have problems please contact support for your ignition hand grabber software.


    If you own HM2 you could also install our HM3 Beta, then sign up to participate in the beta testing of our new Ignition Hand Grabber App for HM3 -

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