NoteCaddy trial for HM3
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    Default NoteCaddy trial for HM3

    Is this limited to those users who are using PT4?

    I use NoteCaddy in HM2 and have been using the beta of HM3 for a while and wanted to try the NoteCaddy trial for it, but when clicking the link in the HM3 hud it asks for your PT4 registration code and there is no HM3 option.

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    Note Caddy is not yet available in HM3.
    Regards udbrky (Chris)

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    Quote Originally Posted by udbrky View Post
    Note Caddy is not yet available in HM3.
    Are you intending to release HM3 with NoteCaddy and if so in what timeframe?

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    NoteCaddy is not yet ready for beta testing in HM3. It is still in private internal alpha testing. That tab in the popup had to be added with a url link (to placeholder in preparation for our upcoming release of the HM3/Apps licensing system. Some time after HM3 is released we will announce that NoteCaddy is ready for beta testing and that popup link redirect will be updated to go to the Holdem Manager site instead.

    No decision has been made yet about HM Apps licensing for HM3 except for LeakBuster which will not be a part of HM3.

    There is no actual date set for either release yet but the HM3 release should be fairly soon if all goes well. HM3 will most likely be released without NC then we will start private beta testing of NC once it is ready. The private beta testing will be much easier to setup for customers and us post-release with the final licensing system in place compared to how complicated the current private beta app licensing system is for the Ignition Hand Grabber testers and us right now.

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