Problem with API HM2
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    Exclamation Problem with API HM2

    Hello dear support!
    Sorry for my English!
    I duplicated the topic in the Russian forum to speed up the process, as it is very important to me!

    I am a developer and am writing a small program for auto-collecting chips and profit from PT4 and HM2 trackers.
    There are no problems with PT4, since the base structure is transparent, and the formula of any stat is displayed in the program itself.

    But when I tried to understand the structure of the HM2 database, I quickly realized that HM2 is completely different. Only some data is in the database, and most of the formulas are embedded in the code itself.
    I came across the API, as I understand it, this is the latest version. I figured it out, the required query works and everything suits me, since it is even easier than understanding the database.

    BUT the oddity is that the request only works on the first start, if you press the second time, etc., the request for some reason sums up all the numerical data, displaying only one line, and in the column of the tournament number displays only the first tournament.
    In the link animation, I demonstrated this:

    Only restarting the HM2 helps. It is HM2, since restarting the API program does not help. If you enter a request through a browser, then the problem is the same - only the first request. That is, the problem is exactly in the API module itself.
    Moreover, the problem is with requests from stats (from stats), if you pull from hands, this is not observed.

    My query is select StatPlayerNameAndSite, StatTourneyNumber, StatAllInEVAdjustedChips, StatTourneyNetWinnings,StatTourneyDate,StatTourney TotalBuyin from stats group by StatTourneyNumber

    But the problem is definitely not in my request, since if you enter the simplest, the problem will be the same. You can see for yourself.

    The forum found one topic where they wrote about the recent module update
    Perhaps the problem is this.

    Please help me resolve the issue as soon as possible, since the profitability of my program depends on this.
    Or at least somehow get around this problem or pull this data in another way.
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    Please see the ticket response. It is best to just use one mode of support.
    Regards udbrky (Chris)

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