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    When I try to instal a HUD in Party poker, it doesnt show me the option for Partypoker. All the other site are there like Pokerstar or Winamax for exemple but not Partypoker.

    Can someone help me with that plz?

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    As of June 17th 2019 PartyPoker has stopped saving hand histories. Existing hand histories can still be imported. If PartyPoker hand histories are available in the future, we will import them.*




    "Players at partypoker can expect sweeping changes to the third-party tool policy at partypoker as the world’s second largest online room is moving towards banning all forms of tracking tools, including HUDs.
    Besides restrictions on HUDs, many other changes are also expected to go live. Players will no longer be able to download hand histories, instead, a new hand replayer will be provided. This change will make tracking tools like PokerTracker, Hold’em Manager, and Jivaro ineffective once implemented."

    *If you play at one of the regional PartyPoker.xx regional skins that currently still save hands, we will be adding it back to HM2 and HM3. You can roll back to the previous official release 8629 of HM2 to use the Site Setup again if your site still writes hands -

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