WTF Happened to my HM SYNC Database Backups!!! Missing millions of hands
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    Default WTF Happened to my HM SYNC Database Backups!!! Missing millions of hands

    I had to format my computer a while back so I used HM Sync to backup my database onto their cloud.

    Now I installed HM manager and connect my account only to find that no more than 2800 hands get synced when it should be a million hands.

    The HM Cloud is also not around anymore either so you can't even use that service to see your hands or try and download the database that way.

    I can't find the hard backup file I made either so looks like I've lost everything....

    Why is HM Sync not downloading the correct database?

    Before I format my computer I made sure to create 1 complete database on HM manager that had all my hands and I am 100% certain I uploaded that one, and not what I am getting synced now. Something isn't right.

    Any way to see a list of databases uploaded to HM Sync in the past?

    The file size is 96mb when it should be well over 300mb.

    Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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    In Sync, it should show all databases you have uploaded. Make sure you are using the correct one.

    make sure to keep back ups of your hands archive and exported HUD's. Sync does not save your HUD, notes, or anything besides hand history files.

    Please see this FAQ to transfer/backup data -

    This will ensure that you have your hand histories and HUD saved to import into a new computer, and as a backup to restore in case of an emergency. I recommend you do this at least once a month and keep the last 2 or 3 most recent backups (and your \HM2Archive folder) stored on an external drive and/or cloud storage site like dropbox or google drive.
    Regards udbrky (Chris)

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