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    Default Automating mass changes to NC note definitions?


    I have a relatively sophisticated NL HUD that I would have liked to duplicate for PLO. I have several hundred NC definitions.

    As far as I can tell, all I should need to do is to SaveNew for each individual definition (giving it a new name in the process).

    When this is done I would need to manually change the 'GameType' from 'No Limit Holdem' and 'Zoom No Limit Holdem' to 'Pot Limit Omaha High' and 'Zoom Pot Limit Omaha High'.

    I tested this on a single definition and seems to work. However, doing it for several hundred definitions is a big effort.

    Is there any way of automating this? Could the 1st step be automated by simply copy/pasting the definition files in the appropriate windows folder and then manually changing the names?


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    Hello tlukasha,

    A cool tool that I use to mass edit sometimes is called FAR - Find And Replace. You can find it here

    You need to open the definition outside of NoteCaddy and find the values that you need to change.

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