Hand grabber hm3?
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    Default Hand grabber hm3?

    Hi, i don't know what is hand grabber hm3,?

    just curiosity, just in case in the next future you will use for other room regards

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    It is a HM3 'App' to grab live hands from the Ignition poker clients so HM3 can import hands during live play and display a HUD on their regular ring game cash tables. It can import Zone hands as well but we do not display a HUD on these tables. HM3 can also manually import the hands you can request/download from the Ignition client that show all hole cards, and it will update live play grabbed hands accordingly for all the hole cards $EV, etc. SNG/MTT parsing and HUD support is planned for future HM3 Ignition Hand Grabber (IHG) updates once HM3 and the IHG is out of private beta testing.

    If you own HM2, and are testing the HM3 Beta, and play on Ignition you can follow the instructions in that advisory/link to participate if you would like to have a HUD on the cash ring game tables you play at Ignition.

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