Is Micro Gaming Network (MPN) HUD supported?
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    Default Is Micro Gaming Network (MPN) HUD supported?


    There have been recent changes in the MPN hand history policies and they are not banning HUDs. But at the same time they are not allowing real-time hand histories (they have to be requested and downloaded afterwards).
    I also see that Micro Gaming Network is listed on the "Supported Sites" list in the bottom.
    So is it possible to use a HUD (with no real-time hands) on MPN? If yes is it possible in both the old and new client?
    By using common sense, I don't see how could it work if the hands aren't real-time (how will the software know who's sitting at the table? - it would take some advanced detection software).

    Thanks in case of an answer.

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    If the poker client doesn't write the hand to file immediately after the hand finishes, it is not possible for us to display HUD. The only way a HUD would be possible (if they do in fact allow HUDs) would be via some sort of third party hand grabber application like some other sites (i.e. Ignition).

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