Error when exporting/importing hands from laptop to desktop
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    Default Error when exporting/importing hands from laptop to desktop

    I have tried it using the database export and saving hands to the usb drive from the reports tab. Each of the three times I tried it would gradually import more hand until the 4th try when it said 900 hands were duplicates but only 600 of the 900 hands I was trying to import were actually imported. This has happend in the past as well.



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    Have you tried a complete database/settings backup and restore? Please see this FAQ to transfer/backup data -

    This will ensure that you have your hand histories and HUD saved to import into a new computer, and as a backup to restore in case of an emergency. I recommend you do this at least once a month and keep the last 2 or 3 most recent backups (and your \HM2Archive folder) stored on an external drive and/or cloud storage site like dropbox or google drive.

    Have you tried importing the original hands from the C:\HM2Archive folder of the old computer? Try creating a new DataBase and import a small portion of your \HM2Archive so you can see if the problem exists in the new DB -

    If none of that helps please send us the files you are importing/restoring and screenshots of the before and after results and details of the errors, with a link to this thread and your forum name, to us using the 'Contact Support' link.

    Make sure you also include screenshots of your reports/filters and a detailed description by tournament number, session, hole cards, filter, stat, etc. of some of the errors we need to test.

    All original hands that are auto-imported get moved to an archive for performance reasons. Your \HM2Archive is in C:\HM2Archive by default, but you may have put it anywhere. The archive should be organized by \Month\DayOfMonth (example: C:\HM2Archive\2016\07\31).

    When sending any files please zip them (right-click > send to > compressed folder) before attaching them to an email. If the attachment is larger than 10MB please upload them to a file hosting site like dropbox, then click 'Share' > 'Create Link' > Copy Link' and right-click > 'Paste' the download link directly into the support ticket email. If you have any problems with dropbox try using or google drive.

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