Can I revert a patch? I want an older version
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    Default Can I revert a patch? I want an older version

    I'd like to remove the current patch from HM2. I run a card catcher on ignition with Hm2 and the new patch confuses Ignition for ACR. Not only do i not have functionality on ACR anymore, but I have lost more funtionality on Igntion with the update. I'm looking to revert to a few patches back, or at least download and install an older version. Thank you for your help.

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    There are old builds linked in the releases forum threads -

    If you want all known hole card support for downloaded/converted hands you need a much older build:

    Please rollback to

    If you continue to have problems we can not provide technical help for unsupported sites/networks as we do not design our software to work there or test there with all of the third party tools. If you have any problems with HM2 using third party tools, to use our software with unsupported sites, all support will need to be handled by the third party software's support team.

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