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    Default What are the best Settings for fast Note Creation? Need help

    Currently I have a Database with 1 Million hands. I have about 1400 Notecaddy Definitions. After resetting the notes, and start creating new ones, alway after some time the Notes creation gets lower and lower. Even if I restart Holdem Manager it takes me 2-3 days to complete this.

    I have a really good Laptop (Lenovo Yogar 720) with 8 CPU threads

    Here are my Settings:


    Do you have some advices how to improve speed?

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    Hi katimp,

    Your settings are fine, but you have a pretty big database and a decent amount of definitions so it will take some time. If you want to speed up the time you can filter out some hands in NoteCaddy -> File -> Filters. Maybe you have some old hands in your database, or hands from limits or sites that you don't play anymore.. no need to create notes for those hands.

    You could also deactivate some Note Definitions that you don't use, and that will help speed it up.

    Other than that you could stop the note creation when it slows down and run NoteCaddy -> Tools -> Vacuum Database. After the vacuum completes you can start the note creation again, and it should pick up speed for a while.

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