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    Default NC definitions that works well but does not appear sometimes

    Hi, I play ZOOM. I use HUD with a mix of HM stats and NC stats
    Sometimes, in some players NC stats do not appear by several hands. (Sometimes a few hands, sometimes the whole session)
    But the same stats appear for other players in the hand.
    - These are proven statistics, they do not even work for players with large numbers of hands in their database. It's like if it took too long to load NC stats for some players (ramdomly). maybe next session appears and another one does not (for the same player)
    - When this happens, I think it does not load any NC stats for that player. When this does not happen, all stats are loaded perfectly (it would be "all or none of them")
    - I have a good PC, i7 SSD and 8GB of RAM.
    - I do not have a big database. (like 300k hands)
    - I tried with reset notes, a vacuum of NC and HM, etc.

    any idea?

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    Hi palumboe,

    Maybe the suggestions here will help you out:

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