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    Default Hello - when I play Lottomatica (Boss Media [Italy]) - The Caddy Scatter Graphs don't

    I played a lot of Hands on Lottomatica, the Notecaddy Stats work there, without using any Converter.
    I even can use Stats for different Board Textures.

    But there are no Caddy Scatter Graphs,
    when I look with the Replayer through the Hands I never can see the actual Hand of my opponents, even If they win at showdowns.

    It's like the actual hands of the opponents is not saved correctly. Can you help me to solve this?
    Is this a common issue with Boss Media?

    I exported one of the hands perhaps it help for investigations: Export Holdem Manager 2.0 05292019155006.txt

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    That hand history looks really strange

    Boss media should work though. I guess the NC boss man, sreti, will need to address your concern when he is able to.

    If you do happen to have a converter that works with this format, maybe give it a try too.

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