I have NoteCaddy v2.6.0.14 (HM2 v2.0.0.8629)
I have an SSD, Intel Xeon 4-core CPU running at 3 Ghz (it's 3 years old) with 16GB Ram
I only have 280,000 hands
When processing notes, all 4 cores are selected.
I haven't updated postgrep (too scared) so I guess I'm still on v8.

Here's what happened:
I made a few changes and had 11 actions to perform (1/2 deletes, 1/2 new notes). It ran for 24 hours and was still on Task 1 of 11 (which was a delete) and looked to be only 1/2 done with that task according to the status bar. I stopped it. Now it showed 10 tasks remaining so I wasn't sure task #1 completed. Next, I vacuumed the DB (took 5 mins). After that, it showed only 1 remaining task.
1. How accurate is the status of the Task Processing dialog?
2. Where did my other 10 tasks go? (I can tell from my notes that some of the new note definitions processed)
3. How do I know my notes have been accurately processed?

I know there is an option (File -> Reset Notes), but I worry it will take weeks (maybe months) to process.

4. Is there a way to re-process a specific note?

5. Can you give me an approximate performance improvement percentage if I upgrade postgrep to v9?