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    Default BB Resteal vs BB 3Bet vs CO\BTN\SB

    Hello HM2 respected team!

    I've got a practical question on BB Resteal Stat.
    I guess it should be calculated somehow as a weighted average of the BB 3bet vs CO, BB 3bet vs BTN and BB 3bet vs SB stats.
    In practice i have BB Resteal stat on one of the opponents which poorly correlates with these 3bet stats.
    For instance this opponent has a BB Resteal = 11 (56), i guess it means 11% 3bets vs CO\BTN\SB steals overall on 56 situations sample. Is it right?
    On the other hand i see that this same opponent has a BB 3bet vs CO = 13(32), BB 3Bet vs BTN = 4(28) and BB 3bet vs SB = 4(24) (13% out of 32 occasions, 4% out of 28 and 4% of 24 accordingly).
    So it looks like he had 32+28+24 = 84 spots to 3bet on BB vs any kind of CO\BTN\SB raises.
    I guess these include 3bets from BB vs pure steals (i.e. RFI from CO\BTN\SB) and i suppose also 3bets from BB vs limp-raise situations (where somebody raised from CO\BTN\SB after previous limp).
    But does it include spots when somebody raised before CO and then CO or BTN or SB called and then the BB made a 3Bet (type of squeze)? Probably not cause it's already not a 3bet vs CO\BTN\SB?

    Could you please explain then how the BB Resteal is calculated mathematically?
    Because based on BB 3Bet vs CO\BTN\SB stats i assume
    BB Resteal = BB 3Bet vs CO*(vs CO 3Bet share) + BB 3Bet vs BTN*(vs BTN 3Bet share) + BB 3Bet vs SB*(vs SB 3Bet share) = 13%*(32/84) + 4%*(28/84) + 4%*(24/84) = 7,4%.
    So it deviates pretty big from the 11% BB resteal stat even though that BB 3Bet vs CO\BTN\SB situations i suppose does not only include 3bets vs steals but also some other cases.

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    It is not a limp-3bet situation.

    It is player raises first in from CO through SB

    Player in BB 3bets. It can also include a squeeze.
    Regards udbrky (Chris)

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    By squeeze here you mean that smb. opens first from CO\BTN then gets called from BTN or SB and then BB 3Bets them both? So it's also a part of BB Resteal? Than i still can't understand how is it possible in terms of calculation that
    BB Resteal of one opponent = 11(56) whereas
    BB 3Bet vs CO = 13%(out of 32), BB 3Bet vs BTN = 4% (out of 28) and BB 3Bet vs SB = 4% (out of 24) ?
    I ask just because i am not sure at what stat to look when i open from CO\BTN and they 3Bet me from the blinds. In this particular example Based on 3Bet vs BTN\CO\SB and sample sizes in brackets i expect that overall BB Resteal from this positions is between 4% and 13% and somewhere around 6-7% in reality (cause high 13% of BB vs CO 3Bet is offset by low 3bet stats vs BTN and SB)!
    So if it's a sort of a more complicated calucation then please tell me at leasts, if i RFI from CO\BTN\SB and got 3Bet from BB (or squeezed from BB after one more call) is BB Resteal Stat percentage the only relevant in this situation? I mean should i just disregard the BB 3Bet vs CO\BTN\SB stats in such resteal spots?

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    Hello realalexandro,

    "BB Resteal" is a sum of BB Resteal vs CO, BTN, SB (These are also individual stats you can look at, to see if they are adding up correctly). For example, if you reraise vs CO 1 out of 4 times, vs BTN 1 out of 5 times, and vs SB 1 out of 6 times, that totals to 3 out of 15(4+5+6) or 20%

    "BB 3Bet" also includes hands where CO,BTN,SB raised vs limpers like you first said.

    Does that clear things up?

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