HM2 Bug on Party Poker
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    Default HM2 Bug on Party Poker

    I recently changed my room and i have some bugs with
    My hud doesn't work for the first hand played at the table,and doesn't register it ( cash game ), sometimes hud is resetting, hud doesn't change and freeze when a new player sit at the table.

    Apologies if the subject has already been published, but i didn't find same bugs in the forum ( and apologies my englih too)

    Hope you'll be helpfull, thanks a lot

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    This is by design because Party doesn't write player names to the hand history file even though you can see them in the live table graphics. Please see this -*

    The HUD should work but it will show stats for Player 1, Player 2, etc instead of Player screen names. *We updated HM2 to reset the stats at each new table to 'Session Stats' which uses the HUD Settings > General Settings > HUD Font > 'Alt Background' color so you will know they are session stats and not lifetime stats. *If you do not want the HUD background to be red change the 'Alt background' color by clicking it with your left mouse button and using the color picker.
    Regards udbrky (Chris)

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