Fold to 3bet stats per positions vs position-based 3bets
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    Lightbulb Fold to 3bet stats per positions vs position-based 3bets

    Hi, i am designing popup for my HM2 Hud and i'm interested are there stats for 6-Max
    which show how often in % opponent Folds from specific positions vs 3Bets on specific positions?
    For instance villain RFI from MP (second seat in 6-Max) and got 3Bet from the button.
    I need some stats like EP Fold to 3Bet vs (MP, CO, BTN, SB, BB) for every position obviously.
    These stats are present in HM2 but ONLY for Hero 3bets which requires huge sample.

    Can you add a set of such stats for any case when smb. raises in one position and folds to other player 3bet from any other position?
    Or maybe i couldn't find the right stats?

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    There are some positional stats in the vs 3-bet section. Anything not there would need Note Caddy to create.

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