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    Lightbulb Beta Release Thread - PokerStars third party tools policy changes

    This is a beta release for

    The purpose of this release is to allow users to get early access to fixes and provide feedback as it would be impossible for our internal team to cover due to the huge amount of different possible PC environments out there. We do recommend you use a new database as a precaution.

    Even though we rarely see anything that serious in these betas, and they have gone through some internal testing, they have not completed all our internal tests yet and the chances of a bug are higher than normal.

    You can manually download the build here, if you have any issues you can rollback to the last official version here.

    Release notes:

    Note: Restart of HM2 required after the installation before HUD will work on fast forward tables

    Poker Sites
    PokerStars - Prevent 3Bet/4Bet/5Bet is AA and Premium from working on Pokerstars to comply with their third party tools policy
    PokerStars - Prevent Nash popups from working on PokerStars tables to comply with their third party tools policy
    PokerStars.SE - Added HUD support for Zoom tables (possible fix)
    Winamax - Added HUD support for updated tournament window titles
    PokerStars.IT - Added HUD support for Zoom HU tables
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