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    Default HEM+PostgreSQL problem again, now all data lost?!?


    I have Windows10 and the latest version of HEM2 with adequate licenses. I'm an old customer, been using HEM2 forever without issues.

    About a month ago I started getting the bug where every time when I opened HEM2 I got the popup that said "cannot connect to PostgreSQL..." and the only way to fix it was to reinstall PostgreSQL every single time before starting a session. After a reinstall HEM2 would connect and work normally. When I restarted my computer before the next session I'd have to reinstall PostgreSQL again. A bunch of my friends had the same problem and fixed it one session at a time using this same method.

    Then maybe 2 weeks ago you came up with the beta (?) release that fixed the issue. I downloaded it and it indeed fixed the problem.

    A day or two ago the problem came back, but worse. Every time when I opened HEM2, it offered me the free trial and asked if I have a license code. I then dug up my license code and pasted it, which let me through this step (so not a huge issue, but an annoyance). After that it got stuck at "cannot connect to PostgreSQL"... again but this time no reinstalls would work either. I was simply unable to access HEM2 at all.

    So after trying everything humanly possible I decided to try installing a different version of PostgreSQL. I previously had PostgreSQL version 8.something and I upgraded to 10.something (the second newest one available).

    It then let me login to HEM2 without issues, and upon logging in it asked me if I'd like install a beta version of HEM2 ( and I figured it can't hurt so I clicked yes.

    Now I got into the program and ALL my hands are lost. HUD configurations etc are still there, but all of the hands are gone. I'm unable to find any of them from anywhere on my computer. I tried HEM cloud sync (I've had it on always, but I've never actually had to use it), and all it synced was like 800 hands from MPN when I only play like 1% of my volume there. My DB was 1.2m+ hands and I now have 800 hands from an obscure site left.


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    I managed to retrieve my hands as somehow they were still saved in C://HMARCHIVE and now my HEM2 seems to be working without issues. But my note files didn't import, can anyone tell me where they are located? How can I import them if I don't apparently have access to my old db, just the hh files? Or is there a place where the note files are saved on my computer?

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    Notes are in the database and have to be backed up/restored.

    Please see this FAQ to transfer/backup data -

    This will ensure that you have your hand histories and HUD saved to import into a new computer, and as a backup to restore in case of an emergency. I recommend you do this at least once a month and keep the last 2 or 3 most recent backups (and your \HM2Archive folder) stored on an external drive and/or cloud storage site like dropbox or google drive.
    Regards udbrky (Chris)

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