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    Default Importing NC definitions doesnt work


    I have a problem. I made a thread that i cant see NC notes in my hud. I didnt play a lot today i tried to figure it out, and i can see that all my note caddy definitions which should be shown at right site (note definitions list) are not there. Its empy. I tied to delate all my notes, and import it again but i cant see it. When i try to do it again it asks me if i want to overwright it but when i ask him to create notes it doesnt work, i mean its working but in created notes a can only see 0.

    Any idea whats going on ?

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    I'm not too clear on how you were deleting the notes? Was this from windows explorer? If you did that while HM2 is running and NC knew of the definitions but had them in the "Inactive" tab then this could lead to a series of events similar to what you described. I would recommend to close HM2 before doing anything like that and once there are no files, try to import a few and see if that works. You can click help-log subscriber and it would open a window that would show any specific errors that occur while trying to import the definitions.
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