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    Default Buggy Hm2 After system format and fresh install. Please help!

    Hi guys!

    Been using this software for a really long time now. Few months ago I started to notice a bug in the Active Session tab.
    I would play for example 20 tournaments ( just like happened today) And then on my Active session Tab it only shows 13 tournaments. As you can see below, the day is the same, the number of Tournaments do not match:

    <a href=""><img src="" alt="Image from Gyazo" width="420"/></a>

    <a href=""><img src="" alt="Image from Gyazo" width="350"/></a>

    Then lately I started having ' Can't connect to postgres? errors. I tried everything: Uninstall everything, saving the database, re-install everything and restore - no good!

    Tried Different versions of Postgres and start a new database from scratch, importing all the hands - no good!

    Tried your solutions and nothing worked! I was so frustrated I decided to format my system and go for a clean install of HM2/ new database. I had to use the standalone .exe from postgresql and then the HM2 .exe

    I noticed the problem I mentioned before with the active session persisted / those are prints from today's session) but I could live with that.

    Then I noticed my HM2 window does not have minimize, restore, close buttons, on the top-right corner, as you can see here:

    <a href=""><img src="" alt="Image from Gyazo" width="750"/></a>

    And then finally ( again) the 'cant connect to postgresql' .....

    I'm really desperate with all this. If I restart windows I can open HM2 again, but those bugs I mentioned persist. And I don't really want it to Shut down in the middle of a session again, it's really frustrating.

    Please help me out with this!! Thanks

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    Please update to this version

    This is usually a firewall or windows update issue and the following guide gives a step by step guide:

    If you continue to have problems, please duplicate the issue and send us log files with a detailed description of what you were doing and what problems you were experiencing:
    - Open Windows Event Viewer's (Control Panel - System & Security - Administrative Tools or Start - Search - 'Event Viewer') - Windows Logs - Applications.
    - Check for any errors and send the information (Save All Events As...).
    - Please send your \HM2Logs folder files as well -

    When sending any files please zip them (right-click - send to - compressed folder) before attaching them to an email. If the attachment is larger than 10MB please upload them to a file hosting site like dropbox, then right-click - 'copy dropbox link' and paste the download link directly into the support ticket email. If you have any problems with dropbox try using
    Regards udbrky (Chris)

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