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    Default Another Big HEM Bug?

    Hello! I might be wrong here but I dont see how I could be:

    I have filtered for:

    "Hero is BU, unopened", to get the statistics for
    -"BTN vs 3Bet Call RNG"
    -"Button Fold to 3Bet"
    -"4Bet Range"

    In my case these were:

    "BTN vs 3Bet Call RNG": 17
    "Button Fold to 3Bet": 56.2
    "4Bet Range": 4.5

    To verify these I have filtered for:
    "Hero is BU, unopened, 3-Better's Position: SB,BB"

    HEM now shows 41.310 occurences in which I was 3-bet by either SB or BB:

    On a sidenote: The 3 above statistics have changed now, because all the hands that were folded are now gone. I'm
    not sure if this is wanted, personally I think its missleading, but it doesnt matter much, as both are wrong.

    I have then added another filter:
    "Hero is BU, unopened, 3-Better's Position: SB,BB, Preflop action is RC"

    HEM then tells me I have called 11.707 times. This would mean, that out of 41.310 occurences in which I were 3-Bet after open-raising the Button, I called 11.707 times, or in other words, I have called 28.33% when I got 3-Bet. My open-raising range is displayed as 48.8% as can be seen in the screenshot. Therefore my calling range would be 0.488*0.2833 = 13.82% and not 17% as the "BTN vs 3Bet Call RNG" says.

    I have then repeated these steps, instead of "Preflop Action is RC" I have used "Did 4-bet *any size*". The result was that "4Bet Range BTN" is also different. And once I have added the correct numbers of "BTN vs 3Bet Call Rng" and
    "4Bet Range BTN" to get the total amount of hands that I continued playing after I got 3-Bet, the stat for "Button Fold to 3Bet" also turned out to be wrong.

    So all together, all of the 3 stats are giving out false numbers. Either that or I'm mistaken but I dont see how.

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    I want to let you know that your issue has been received and will be tested in the order it was received.

    Once we have tested and documented it thoroughly we will send you our results and/or ask for any other info/files that we may need to help resolve it.
    Regards udbrky (Chris)

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