ive upgraded my CPU from 6 Cores to 16 and SSD to M.2 SSD to improve my notecaddy hand processing. For some reasons im reaching almost the same speeds as i had before with my older(slower CPU). I was expecting to get about 3x the speeds that i used to have.
Im using
Windows 7 64-bit Professional
16 Cores(32 Threads) CPU
32GB DDR4-2666 RAM
Newest Version of HM2
Newest Verison of NC
PostgreSQL 8.4

ive already tried to tune PostgreSQL (https://forums.holdemmanager.com/gen...ml#post2267712). The result was just a higher loading time until NC started to create notes.
I created a new DB and imported some Hands, for some reason the hand import time of HM2 was also at the same speeds as it was before with my old hardware.

Theres a strange thing with the NC Threads option. Im able to use up 1-32 Threads of my CPU. For some reason, the note creation speed of 6-20 Threads is the same(BUT CPU usage increases). But the very strange thing is if i use like 32 Threads, the speed decreases immediately.
For example:
12 Threads -> 300hands/sec -> 20% CPU usage
20 Threads -> 300hands/sec -> 50% CPU usage
32 Threads -> 200hands/sec -> 80% CPU usage

I havent anything installed via Stackbuilder. (https://imgur.com/fYEtEmw)

Do you have any ideas, what can help me to get the maximum out of my CPU ?