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    Default filter for bounty tournaments?

    Can you somehow filter for bounty tournaments with NC? Theres nothing in the interface but in .xml files there are those lines:

    but deleting
    doesnt change anything.

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    This is something that was in development but not completed as there was no way to be sure about that level of detail for many sites without some sort manual intervention whereby the user would tell NC what it was. As such it is not likely to be possible anytime soon
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    Why can't it just look for several words in the title of the tournament, such as bounty, knockout, PKO...? I am thinking of doing that by some script for the hand histories beforehand and then making one database of non-bounty and one database of bounty tournaments, so I can analyze for differences in average strategy of the player pool, but it would be much better, to have all that in one database. Its pretty bad for notes like calling preflop allins, when you dont know, if player calling an allin with 95o for 10bb is a huge fish or it was a bounty tournament.

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