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    Default Custom w$sd stat

    I tried to create something like this: W$SD after River bet (somebody Bet_River & Wins at SD)

    With this answer from support:
    'It is definitely possible. You need to make two note definitions that filter for the actions you described: one for the times a player won at showdown and the other for the total amount of times he showed down. Then via a composite definition you turn that into a percentage.

    The last section on this page there is a somewhat similar example Composite Definitions - Assaultware Wiki
    The difference is that for your stat you also have to specify that there was a showdown which is done in the pre flop->general tab'

    I create 2 note definition:
    1- for win pots at river
    2- all pots need to act winning and losing

    Than i create a composite definition and this doesn't work ... What i need do more in order to work??
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    The variables are there only to show you what happened in a note, they are not there to define a note. In your case the first note will tell you if player won or lost and the second note will tell you the river action as well. You can leave the variables empty if you don't need to see this data.

    But you have to create notes differently. For the first note untick 'Lost Hand' under Result in the General tab. For the 2nd note leave both options ticked. For both notes go to River / Action Sequences and create a new Action Sequence and then a new Action (bet), tick 'Player had to be the note recipient' and choose 'Bet'. After doing this your composite note will work.

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