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Thread: Empty popups

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    Default Empty popups

    I made this thread:
    some time back. The same issue has now come back since I reinstalled windows and my popups are empty again. However, the steps witch you gave, witch helped me the first time, now seem not to be working.

    I could be doing something wrong, but I don't know what...
    The popups I had before reinstalling are all here, but they are empty (no #s in them).
    I reset and re-create, but they are still empty.

    thank you

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    It's been 15 days since OP, when can I expect to see a response?
    Now, only my popup numbers are empty. So, I can never anylise my own game via popups.
    Thankfully the rest are working now. But for some reason my popups are still empty, even in HM2 re-player.
    Any idea what I can do to get it working properly?

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    If you click file->synchronize->export to notes to text file, do you see anything there? You say you can't analyze your own game does that mean they appear for other players? You'd have to set file->settings->note settings->add notes for hero if you want them to be created for hero players
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